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Peer to Peer Lending Platform for Crypto Collateral Loans

DIY is a pre-eminent and best peer to peer lending platform for peer funded USD Stablecoin loans backed by Digital Assets (eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum).

What Makes DIY Rates the Best Peer to Peer Lending Platform?

Digital Assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are easily transferable, highly divisible and most importantly highly liquid which makes it the ideal collateral for asset-based lending.

Digital Asset investors can now, instead of selling their investment, access the equity via Crypto Collateral Loans.

Loans are provided by other users and prioritized in order of lowest interest rate offered first. Through user adoption, a decentralized form of asset-based lending is created for the benefit of the users, not institutions.

How to Apply for a Loan Against Cryptocurrency in DIY Rates?

Borrowers use their Digital Assets such as BTC and ETH as collateral to access Ethereum or Bitcoin backed loans of up to 50% of the market value of their assets.

Lenders finance and earn interest by placing loan offers at interest rate of their choosing.

Our Order Book, Matching Engine, and Loan maintenance system enables anonymous, asset-based loans with terms set by its users.

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*Loan amount is an estimate only and should not be treated as a guarantee of loan approval or terms. Sign up to access loan application process and explore advanced options.

How Our Crypto Collateral Loans Process Works

We make the lending process smooth

Deposit Crypto

Deposit Crypto and unlock bid/offer instantly through an intuitive platform

Create Borrow Request

Apply for a loan against cryptocurrency and let our matching engine finds your perfect lending partner.

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  • Instant loans - no credit checks or application forms
  • Automated monthly interest only repayments
  • Options for repayments in - BTC, ETH, or USD Stablecoin
  • No early repayment penalty fees
  • Use DIY Rates’ peer to peer borrowing platform for- rent, groceries, credit card bills, car purchase, house deposit, holidays, diversify into other investments etc.
  • Access up to 50% equity of your Digital Assets while retaining the upside potential of your investments


  • Anyone can become a lender and earn interest like a bank
  • Set your own interest rate and loan duration
  • Steady and predictable income stream
  • Low fees on profits only
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  • David Le

  • Alvin Chai

  • Aaron Chew
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jeremy Lim

  • Edonn Paduga
    Chief Technology Officer

  • Su Lin
    Chief Legal and
    Compliance Officer

  • Philip Lee


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Business &
Concept Plan




Application Development


01 July 2019


Add Additional Digital assets
for collateral

Add Credit Card functionality and
other services enhancements

Support Fiat Currency in South Korea
and other suitable SE Asian countries

Support Fiat Currency in Europe

Add tokenised securities
(shares in private companies)

Include other assets such as
public/private shares, commodities etc.

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